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To provide excellent maritime services to ship-owners and their partners, with maximum efficiency, on the safest and reliable ways, always respecting the laws and rules of the job.


To be recognized by national and international market as The maritime agency in Excellence services for the clients and for the employees as well.


Excellence  •  Punctuality  •  Respect •  Partnership •  Credibility

Who we are

Lahus Maritime Services was created with the aim of innovating and satisfying all its clients, acting in the maritime agency, maritime dispatch, customs clearance and transport market, in an agile, safe and reliable manner, always respecting the legal requirements.

Providing services to shipowners, charterers and other agencies, we take care of the interests of the vessels, crew needs, assistance of care, medical services and procedures in the governmental legal departments.

The growth of Lahus Maritime Services in recent years is a result of great care, caring, quality and meeting the needs of our customers, who feel welcome and keep partnerships with us for years on end.


In order to meet the diverse logistics and operational needs of its customers, we operate in several Brazilian ports, offering support to shipowners, charterers and other agencies.

Port Schedule

Follow here the report with the schedule of ships moored, off and on, at the ports of Mucuripe and Pecém.


Stay on top of maritime affairs, intermodal logistics and foreign trade in Brazil and worldwide.